Why People Are Shifting Towards The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

You have probably heard of this new phenomenon people are calling the digital nomad lifestyle. But, what does it mean? According to Google:

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner.”

To me, it means you, a computer, and a world of opportunities. It means you can live wherever you want in the world and still earn a living. It means you can create a work-life balance that is healthy, adventurous, and above all, filled with excitement.

In the last five years, the digital nomad lifestyle has become the talk of the town. With advancement in technology, it has become easier to avoid the 9 to 5 cubicle. The truth of the matter is, if you have an internet connection, you can work. But, the most important question is: why are people across the world making this shift?

The answer:

A- Working remotely is now more available than ever

B- Traveling has become more accessible and affordable

C- People have started to realize that the cubicle life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (in my opinion)

a digital nomad lifestyle means you can work from anywhere!

People Are Becoming Increasingly Unhappy At Work

If you type: “how many people in the world are happy at work?” you’ll quickly notice many aren’t. Check out the top three headlines:

1- “Unhappy Employees Outnumber Happy Ones By Two To One Worldwide”

2- “Most Americans Are Unhappy At Work”

3- “It’s official: most people are miserable at work”

And the list goes on…

Think about it:

You wake up in the morning. Get showered, dressed, and have some breakfast. You spend the best part of an hour, maybe two, commuting into a big polluted city. You spend 9am to 10am reading (deleting) (useless) emails. You go to yet another meeting. Someone assigns you another job. Oops, you only have 30 minutes for lunch (or you eat at your desk). You continue working throughout the afternoon (with a little Facebook and Instagram for distraction). You commute with the rest of the herd to get back home. If it’s Friday you may have a drink with friends, especially if it’s pay day. Be careful not to spend too much, you have to pay for your ridiculously expensive rent. As a result, you become caught in the miserable rat race that is work.

The cycle continues…

What’s next? What is the highlight of your year working long hours? You save up enough money for a two week holiday abroad? Maybe a new pair of shoes?

The rat race

One Billion Digital Nomads By 2035

People across the world have been given new opportunity for change. The digital nomad lifestyle has taken a turn for the exciting and more people today are joining this revolution. To be precise, research predicts there will be over 1 billion digital nomads by 2035.

Aside from the obvious benefit of working anywhere in the world, you can choose your own hours, and steer away from the office where eyes hawk you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. The opportunities have become endless. The digital nomad lifestyle allows for more projects, more experiences, more culture, a better understanding of the world, and a better understanding of people.

Work anywhere!


Let’s Cut The Crap

As a girl, in her 20’s, who has pursued a nomadic lifestyle for the best part of two years, I find it exceedingly annoying when millionaires tell me: “you can earn $2,000 a day by doing X,Y, and Z”.

A- I most likely can’t

B- I probably have to pay for something to find out in the first place

In terms of work-lifestyle balance, I feel more successful than ever. I do not earn millions of dollars a month but I do earn enough to travel every week, save a little money, and live well. My definition of successful is not one of being wealthy from an economical point of view but from a lifestyle point of view.

Today, people do not need millions to be happy. The primary goal is not necessarily to own a mansion, with a swimming pool, and butlers. People are seeking a more experience based lifestyle. The problem is, no one ever tells you how to get there. Yes, your computer will be littered with ads like: “click here to earn $1 million a month” or “Watch this video and you’ll be able to work the hours you want earning thousands each month” but these most likely require some form of financial investment.

Find The Passion To Pursue A Digital Nomad Lifestyle

In truth, becoming a digital nomad requires a level of hard work and passion. That said, with a little drive, it is more accessible than ever before. Tom and I started with just a few years of experience in a variety of fields that we now specialize in.

The digital nomad lifestyle section of this blog is not to promote a particular product you can sell, nor is it a quick way of earning money. It is a thread of information that will show you a way to get involved and start changing your life. It is a way to show you, you do not need an office or specific hours to earn money. In fact, you need very little.

My brother, Tom, and I live separate lives with two features we share: we all have a laptop and we all have a backpack. In order to lead a less materialistic lifestyle and follow a lifestyle of experience we have forfeited most possessions. For the first 6 months of my new life, I didn’t even own shoes- hence Who Needs Shoes.

The best work is done in nature

The Who Needs Shoes Way of Pursuing a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

With the launch of this page, I will be sharing courses, online platforms, and a variety of other tips and tricks that will allow you to get started and grow. I am not claiming to know everything. In fact, I still have a lot to learn. I do however know how to multiply your salary by four times in just one year and I do know how to travel whilst doing it! I’m going to share a real way in which you can join the digital nomad lifestyle.

Who Needs shoes is a new platform where you can learn about remote work that will allow you to achieve lifestyle goals rather than just career ones. I’ll be sharing my experiences and learnings so that you can avoid the mistakes I have made.

Not only this, I’ll share other case studies from people who follow a digital nomad lifestyle in a different way. The people I meet on a daily basis ask me how I do it. The truth: I learned the hard way. From my mistakes and successes, I can share with you the easiest way to get going.

From freelance websites, building a profile, contacting clients, the industries you can get into, and everything in between, Tom and I will be sharing everything we know :).

Stay tuned for some invaluable information that will allow you to get out of your 9 to 5 cubicle and help you join the digital nomad lifestyle!

In the meantime, if you haven’t read about my travel adventures, check out the Who Needs Shoes blog. It may inspire you to hit the road! You can even follow my adventure on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Enjoy!

All the best

Sarah x